Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Electric Chair

He fell asleep in an electric chair
Woke up to find there was no one there
Guards, wardens and priest all gone
No friends, no family for He had none
Realized that his straps were undone
So instinctively he started to run
Made his way into the cell block
Found that all the doors were still locked
It was then he noticed that it was unusually calm
The cells were empty so he sounded the alarm
A couple of minutes passed and no one came
No guards, no dogs, the silence was the same
In a wave of panic he dashed out into the open grounds
Hoping that there was some sort of assembly while he was not around
The grounds were in a graveyard state
His guts told him to head for the prison gates
The gates were open so he stepped out
Resisting the urge to scream or shout
Lost in his thoughts he made it into the neighboring town
The air was familiar, it felt like home now
But he still hadn't found a single soul
And of his senses he had finally lost all control
How did he get to the this place?
Thinking back as his mind started to race
First, he woke up in an electric chair
One minute, the priest read him his last prayer
The next minute...
Hold on.....
Was he dead?
Is this death?
No white light? No tunnel?
No heaven? No hell?
Is this what he truly deserved
To be stuck in a place where no other voice would be heard
Frustration and pain ate deep into his bones
As he continued to wonder through the town alone
He'd been handed a fate worse that the fires of hell
Because at least down there, he'd find someone with a tale to tell

Monday, December 21, 2015

So this is actually happening...

Errrrrr.....errrrrrr....*scratches head*

Would it be weird if I said that I'm not exactly sure why I'm doing this?

Anyways, before i experience another 'Errrrrrr moment' {like the one above, don't worry you'll get used to them} i think its only fair that i blab a bit.

I've been skeptical about this for years, and by 'this' i mean blogging. Its not my fault really, I just hate the fact that everyone does it, like literally everyone {Okay so maybe not everyone but hey, i think you get the point}. Everyone is a writer of some sorts and they all wanna show how great they are at it {blah, blah, blah}. 
Another reason why i probably didn't wanna do this is because i didn't think anyone would be interested in the stuff i had to say {to be honest i still do not think anyone would be interested in what i have to say}. 
Sadly though, my Sensei says 'change is inevitable' or something of the sorts and i thought to myself...'You better do this before the year runs out cos you're not the new year resolution guy and if you push it, you most likely would not do it'. 
So basically that's a brief summary of how we got here. As for what I'll be doing here, I guess i'm just gonna be posting some of the random stuff that pop into my head at odd hours. 
I still can't believe you read this far whoever you are reading this...lol... and now my fingers hurt {Is this how it is for all you veteran bloggers??? Sore thumbs and all???}

*sigh* Still don't know why I'm here....