Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Guardian Order (The Writing Sessions: Four)

Ronke tried to sleep but it seemed very far from her at the moment because every time she closed her eyes, she kept remembering Chris and Chi disappearing in a thick fog of smoke.
As soon as she got out of Chris’ apartment that evening she went straight to the police station and then to the hospital to get treatment for the leg that she bruised while making her escape from his house.
The weirdest thing was not the fact that the policemen, doctors and nurses thought she was crazy; in retrospect she didn’t expect them to believe her. What upset her was that when she got back to the hospital this morning to dress her wounds, the doctors and nurses had no memory of all the things she told them the night before and she could almost swear on her life that she saw a grey cloud hovering around their heads.
After she left the hospital, she went back to the police station and found that the policemen she talked to the day before didn’t remember either. They didn’t even remember her coming in and they had the same grey cloud around their heads.
She came back to her house frustrated with everyone for thinking she was crazy.
“Maybe I am going crazy” she thought to herself.
She was grateful that she was still on her work break, the last thing she needed right now was to have to deal with work. Pouring herself a glass of wine from the fridge, she fell face down on her bed hoping sleep would take her or better still she’d wake up and all this would have been a dream.
A couple of minutes of tossing and turning passed and she heard a knock on her door.
The last thing she needed right now was guests or family. She glanced at the clock by her bedside, it was almost noon.
“Maybe the person will just go away” she thought.
She heard the knock again, then again.
“Miss Ronke, I know you’re in there.” The voice said, it was male.
She sighed.
“Who is it?” she asked.
“The Police, you came by the station yesterday and early this morning” he replied.
“Finally, someone remembers” she exclaimed as she rushed towards the door to open it.
The door swung open to reveal a man wearing blue jean shorts and a red polo shirt, he was almost as tall as the door and he smelled of sweat.
“You’re not the police” Ronke acknowledged looking up at him.
“I know, let me in we don’t have much time” he said.
He used his leg to stop the door as she started to shut the door against him.
“I’ll scream” she threatened.
“Listen, your life is in danger. I know you went to the hospital and the station to tell them about what saw. I know no one believed you. I know you went back this morning and they didn’t remember. I know you saw grey clouds.”
He said, holding the door as she tried to shut it.
“How do you know this? And how is my life in danger?” Ronke asked confused.
“You were exposed to magic and you were awakened. I don’t have much time to explain but they know you’ve awakened and they are coming to kill you.” He said.
“Magic? Awakened? Who is they?” Ronke asked, her head began to buzz seriously.
“The Mages, they know of your awakening and they are coming for you. That buzzing in your head means one of them is close. We need to leave NOW.” He said pulling her hands.
She thought for a minute. This may be the closest she’ll ever get to proving that she wasn’t insane besides if he was right and she was really about to be killed, she needed to leave now.
“At least let me get dressed” She said with her head buzzing louder.

He paced frantically “Okay, five minutes”
“Who exactly are you and how did you know my head was buzzing? How do you know any of this?” She asked from inside her bathroom as she quickly got dressed.
“My name is Wole, and I know your head is buzzing because my head is buzzing as well. I’m a mage hunter just like you.” He answered.
“A mage what???” she asked coming out of the bathroom fully clothed now.
“Questions later, we leave now” he said.
They both dashed out of her apartment making their way towards the building gate. As they approached the gate he stopped her abruptly standing in front of her like a shield.
“The mage is here” he said, bringing a knife out of his pocket.
The gate budged slightly and the locks opened from the inside.
Ronke peeked from behind him to see what was going on and opened her mouth at what she saw.
Chi stepped in looking intently at both of them.
“Go back inside and wait for my signal’’ he ordered Ronke unsheathing another knife.
“I know her that’s Chi, my boyfriend’s childhood friend. You can’t hurt her please” Ronke said.
“Well your “friend” here is a mage and I won’t let her kill you because I can assure you, that’s why she is here” He replied.
Chi started to walk towards them.

“Okay Ronke, we need to talk” she said.

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