Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Guardian Order (The Writing Sessions: Three)

Chi found herself in Chris' apartment, sitting alone at the spot where she initiated the "travel spell". After the meeting at the dome, Chris refused to come back to the human world with her saying that he needed to find a way to fix things at the ethereal realm.

She had expected this reaction from him and didn't bother to push any further when he told her his decision. Chris believed that he could solve any problem he encountered and for the most parts he was right, usually she would find him obsessing for days trying to find a solution to a problem and he never relented until it was solved.

The thing that worried her the most though was that for the first time in her life she was sure he couldn't fix this. The three factions rarely agreed about anything and on those "purple moon" occasions when they did, they were never wrong.

Deep within her, she knew that this issue was going to play out exactly the way the faction leaders had illustrated. She also knew that the "worst case scenario" was the most likely outcome because if it wasn't, they won't have mentioned it in the first place. Most of all, she knew that Chris would never kill Ronke no matter what he was told. He would rather die than kill her and Chi was having a hard time accepting this.

Living in denial of this truth wasn't an option sadly, not for her. She felt it as every second passed, after all, she knew Chris in ways no one else in the world did or probably ever could.

When they were younger, Chris saved her life and died in the process. That day she saved the life of a young boy who had given his life for hers. To be able to perform a ritual of this nature at such a young age made her stand out even among the best mages of her generation but it didn't come without a price.
Nothing in their world came without a price.

The saddest thing was that the person who had to pay the ultimate price was Chris and not her. To save him, she had to bind his soul to hers, using herself as an anchor for his life force.

The ritual she performed that night was for "The Guardian Initiation" but in his case she didn't leave him with a choice. Usually, becoming a guardian was a thing of choice, men and women throughout time who had lived a life of bravery, courage and strength were approached by mages at the end of their lives. Others were involved in accidents or other forms of ailments and the process was the same, they were offered a choice to become guardians and serve a higher purpose. It was never forced and declining didn't come with any consequence since the person was dying anyways. Chris wasn't offered this choice and Chi continually felt guilty about it.

From that moment, she could feel everything he felt and he could do the same.
The bond between a mage and a guardian could not be broken and although it was a gift, it could also be a curse.
Emotions were a lot stronger than words, and she couldn't help but feel things she had no business feeling.

The day Chris met Ronke, Chi didn't know the details but she felt the change in his emotional spectrum. Granted, this wasn't the first time Chris was liking someone so she was no stranger to these emotions but as time went on she realized how much of a hold the girl had on him even without realizing it.
With Ronke it felt like for the first time since she met him, he was alive. The emotions were so strong sometimes that they affected her own mood and she couldn't control herself.

She could never forget the night her family decided to go out for dinner to celebrate her younger brother's initiation as a mage. Her father decided that a fancy restaurant was the solution to all their problems so he practically dragged the four of them there.

On arrival she started to see that it wasn't so bad spending time with her family and she began to relax a bit even cracking jokes with her mostly annoying little brother. Everything was going fine until she felt Chris through their bond.
"I want to make a toast to my two children...." Her father began to say.
Chi shifted in her chair obviously uncomfortable.
"Oh no, oh no" she muttered under her breath.
She knew this day was going to come eventually but she never imagined it would be in a place like this. Here she was trying to endure a nice dinner with her family and Chris decided to pick this day of all days to have sex with Ronke.
She shifted uncomfortably in her seat again.
"Chi's are you okay? You seem really uncomfortable" her mother asked.

"I'm...fine" she said in between breaths holding the table firmly as she spoke.

"This isn't good" she thought to herself.
She could feel through the bond that they were still at foreplay and she rationalized that if he was this horny already, then she was in big trouble for the rest of the evening.

"So Junior, tell us about your mage examination?" She said in a desperate attempt to divert everyone's attention away from her.
Luckily for her it worked and Junior was glad to rant about his tests. Her parents looked very proud of both of them and she seemed to be keeping the bond under control.
"Probably they won't have sex today" she thought to herself.
"Speaking of exams, Chi when do you plan to take your first order exams?" Her father asked.
"I don't know daddy, maybe..." She began to say until she felt something new and grabbed the table firmly.
"Are you sure you're okay, you're sweating Chi" Junior asked, a little worried.
"I'm...I'm...oh God" she moaned.
Chris was getting the best head of his life and she was getting wet at the dinner table.
"Chi, we could leave if you're uncomfortable" her mother offered, concern written all over her face.
"Don't worry...I'm..." She hit the table and bit her lip hard hurting herself in the process.
She struggled to find whatever was left of her sanity, apologized to her family and stood up heading for the door. She needed to get out of here fast.
As soon as she stepped outside, she called a cab.
Getting into the cab as quickly as she could, she gave him directions and cast a hypnosis spell on the driver so he won't be freaked out about what she was about to do.
She needed to touch herself. It was the only way to relief the pressure.
At the moment, Ronke was done with him but she sensed that the worst of it was on its way. Right on cue, it came like a wave over her. Chris had started to thrust so she slid her hands down her skirt to mimic everything she was feeling through the bond.
As the cab approached her house she could feel Chris getting closer to a climax. They came to a stop at a traffic light and Chris finally came which resulted in her kicking the backdoor of the cab a few times. A traffic warden started walking towards the car out of concern but as a soon as the lights turned green the cab speed off and dropped her at home.
As soon as she got into her apartment, she poured herself a glass of water, fell on her bed and slept off.

Sitting on the floor in Chris' apartment she realized that as awkward as that incident was, she couldn't deny just how much he loved her. For him, it wasn't just sex and she knew this as a certainty because she felt it.
She stood up and began to search through his apartment for something that belonged to Ronke. She needed to cast a locator spell, find her and erase her memory before things got any worse.

She finally found a lipstick in the bathroom that she probably dropped in fear after seeing them go up in smoke. Picking up the lipstick from the floor, she wrapped it around her hands and cast the spell.
Tracing Ronke's every move from the moment she saw them disappear, she finally found Ronke lying down in her apartment.
"Okay Chi, let's pay Ronke a visit" she said to herself stepping out of Chris' apartment.

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