Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Guardian Order {The Writing Sessions: One}

Ronke used her extra key to get into Chris’ apartment.
It was a Wednesday evening and according to his shift at the factory he wouldn’t be home for another two hours which gave her enough time to plan her surprise.
His apartment was spotless and clean in the usual Chris fashion with everything in its usual place. She often teased him saying that a blind man could live in his apartment comfortably after a couple of days.
Chris never made any changes to his life or his routine and the few times she had even attempted to arrange the house or help with cleaning had been a complete disaster. He just ended up putting everything back in the places he wanted them and taking over the entire process.
She had made her peace with it and never even tried anymore but today was different. It was their one year anniversary and she was determined to make it special. She travelled on a business trip and was not supposed to be back for another couple of days so Chris wasn’t expecting her, fortunately for her some of the meetings were cancelled so she took the first flight she could find back home to surprise her man.
She took off her heels and put them in her bag bringing out the bottles of wine she bought on her way here. She didn’t want to leave any signs of her presence here and hoped that her perfume won’t give away. With the wine bottles and some chocolate in the fridge she decided to try out the black corset she picked up earlier at the mall.
Ronke was always conscious of her body when she was younger, being an early bloomer she started developing breasts earlier than most girls her age. At age 13 she had her first boyfriend and learnt very quickly that guys were a lot more interested in her body than her brains. From that point in her life she decided that no matter the attention she got when she walked in a room, she would make an equally good impression when she opened her mouth to speak.
Many years have passed and that little girl has now come to appreciate the perks of having a great body. Standing in front of the mirror she examined her curves in the corset, her breasts were even perkier than usual she mused to herself smiling. She didn’t think she had a pretty face although she had been told by a lot of men that she was beautiful. An almost round face with a chiseled chin that she got from her dad, Ronke had squinty eyes, generally small facial features and drooping lips that seemed to fit her perfectly.
Admiring her dark chocolate skin one more time in the mirror wishing she was a little taller than a 5’6, her train of thought was interrupted by the sound of dangling keys at the door. She took a quick glance at the clock on the wall, Chris wasn’t supposed to be back for the next one hour at the very least.
She quickly looked through around the room to make sure nothing was out place. She hadn’t placed the rose petals in his bathroom yet but she figured a window of opportunity would present itself before the end of the night and she’d get her chance.
“Nothing is going to ruin today for me.” She thought to reassure herself as she ran into the bathroom to hide.
The door opened and Chris walked in casually with his helmet and overall in his hands. Spying on him from the bathroom she almost laughed out loud as he hung his hat in the usual place close to his Kanye West poster on the wall. Next he dropped the overall in the laundry basket and started to take off his clothes.
Watching him undress was a huge turn on for her and she couldn’t help biting her lower lip. This wasn’t because Chris had the best body in the world, in fact for many girls his body probably won’t demand a second glance as handsome as he was. Chris was lanky and just a little bit taller than Ronke, he was fit and surprisingly strong despite his looks probably because of the nature of his job.
All that aside, the turn on for Ronke was the fluidity in his movements. His life was so organized that he did everything with such deadly precision. Many ladies may consider this to be a boring routine but for Ronke watching Chris do everything was like watching a dance. The way his fingers trailed around each button as he unbuttoned his shirt lightly twirling around them like a nipple, or the way the muscles on his back seemed to contract and relax as he took off his shirt, or how his trousers pulled down his boxers slightly as he took them off and he adjusted them from the back to front. Now she was thinking about the front…
Focus Ronke” she thought to herself coming back to reality.
Chris took off his clothes and grabbed his towel.
“Oh shit.” She thought. He was coming into the bathroom and she had nowhere to hide. She backed away from the door just as he was about to open it when she heard a knock.
He hung the towel on the door and went to get the door.
“You’re late Chi.” He said as he opened the door.
“I know, I know.” Chi said stepping in and dropping her bag on the bed.
Chris simply shut the door and gave her a knowing look.
“Arrgggh, you and your OCD” she yelled but she still picked the bag up and hung it beside his helmet.
Ronke watched from the bathroom in confusion. Chi’s name had come up a few times in conversation but she didn’t think they were that close. Chris simply said she was a childhood friend and they kept in touch loosely over the years. Right now Ronke was beginning to ask herself if she knew what the word “loosely” meant because it definitely didn’t include Chi sprawled on Chris’ bed going through his phone as he went to the fridge to get her a drink.
“So how’s Ronke?” Chi asked.
Chi was light skinned and taller than Chris slightly. She wore a pair of shorts and a crop top that showed off just enough of her body to make any man want to find out more.
“She’s great, she’s away on a trip.” He answered, sitting beside her on the bed.
“Does she know about us?” she asked.
Chris hesitated.
“No…no she doesn’t. I haven’t told her.”
“You can’t keep it a secret forever you know. Tell her or break up with her or do both.” Chi replied.
Ronke’s world went white. Us??? Break Up???
She couldn’t help the tears that stared flowing from her eyes, partly from sadness but mostly from rage. Just as she was about to burst out of the bathroom to kill them both she heard him say,
“Okay Chi its time”
“Time for what” she thought, hoping that he didn’t mean sex. She couldn’t put it past Chris to schedule sex after all it was in his nature.
“Okay get the book.” Chi replied.
Chris went to his wardrobe, picked up a small brown book and dropped it on Chi’s laps on the bed. Chi stood up from the bed and sat on the floor motioning Chris to join her on the floor. He sat in front of her mirroring her cross-legged posture with the book placed on the floor separating them.
Ronke was even more confused now with so many questions cloying at her mind. Just when she thought it couldn’t get any weirder she heard Chi say,
“There’s someone here, Chris”
Chris kept quiet for a bit to listen and Ronke stopped breathing.
“There isn’t, your senses are off.” Chris said.
“No they’re not, I sensed it as soon as I walked in but I wasn’t sure. Now I’m certain we’re not alone, can you look around?” she asked worried.
“There’s no time Chi, besides the only other person who can enter this apartment is Ronke and she’s not around.”
Chi relaxed a bit but she was still uneasy. Finally she said,
“Okay let’s do this, give me your hands.”
Ronke watched as Chris dropped his hands in Chi’s hands. They both closed their eyes as Chi said a few things Ronke was pretty sure wasn’t English. In that instant, the pages of the book stared to flip wildly as smoke started to ooze out of the book. The smoke oozed out until it enveloped Chi and Chris almost completely.
She finally had enough and burst out the bathroom door,
“CHRIS!!!” she yelled.

Chris opened his eyes in shock to find Ronke standing in front of his bathroom door utterly and completely terrified. He opened his mouth to explain but it was too late, he was already losing sight of his surroundings as he and Chi got sucked into the brown book.

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