Monday, January 25, 2016

TAKOBIDAMMA {The Writing Sessions: One}

She had been wandering the barren wastelands for five straight days now. She knew she was lost, and she still hadn't seen any signs of human life. Leaving the OORANYANWU tribe had always been a fantasy of hers but certainly not like this, this was very far from the beautiful images that danced through her imagination as she slept each night back at home. Stopping to rest for a bit she stared at the scar just above her left breast, shaped like a scorpion who had lost its tail and was living its last painful moments was the mark of the exile known as the ‘ILARAFI'. The scar still hasn’t healed and she neither the time nor the resources to properly tend to the wound. One thing was certain though, she could never return home.
Night was coming and she sobbed softly as the light from the sun began to dim. Her tears weren’t for the cold she would have to endure again, or the hunger she felt, or even the strange insects and animals that she'd encountered. All of these were nothing compared to the nightmares she had been having since the night she got exiled. It was always the same dream, probably because it wasn't a dream at all.
On the morning of her sixteenth birthday her entire life changed. 
As the daughter of the tribe chief, the great UDATA, this was the day of her 'awakening as a woman' and everyone in Ooranyanwu was excited as they seemed to understand the importance of this day, everyone except her.
''Saleya!!! Suluvu!!!'' a voice that sounded a lot like her mother's called from outer court the Chief's home.
''Yes mother, we're in the sparring arena'' Suluvu replied, his voice booming throughout the battle and strategy quarters popularly known as 'THE ARM OF UDATA'.
Suluvu was also turning sixteen today and as a twin brother to Saleya, he also had his own form of 'awakening ceremony' later in the day. He was especially revered in the tribe because at such a young age he had already started manifesting the supernatural traits of the Udata like his indomitable will, unusual strength and his earth shattering voice.
"You have to learn to control that", Seleya warned as the walls of the sparring arena recovered from his response to their mother.
"Do you want to go another round before she gets here?" Suluvu smiled spinning the wooden staff he picked off the weapons shelf.
"You always cheat, using that freaky strength of yours when I'm winning" she sulked as she picked up another staff to replace the one Suluvu just broke.
"Fine" he sighed, "No strength this time, I'll try to control it" he made a mocking gesture crossing his heart.
"I don't believe you" she said as lunged at him with her staff. He blocked her attack swiftly, spun around and aimed for her legs. Quick on her feet she jumped to evade and took two quick steps back.
"You've always been faster than me" Suluvu protested.
"Let's not forget more skilful" she taunted.
"We'll see" he said aiming his staff at her chest.
Predicting his attack she blocked with the tail end of her staff and spun around and pretended to aim for his legs. Misreading her movements he jumped to dodge and that's when he saw it coming. Realizing it was too late to dodge, he dropped his staff, caught her staff mid-air and crushed it with his hands just as she was about to deliver the final blow.
"Arrrrggghhhh, you always cheat!!!" she exclaimed.
"I'm sorry, but the future Udata cannot afford to lose to a girl" Suluvu declared in his best vocal imitation of his father.
"We'll see how the future Udata handles this" she shouted jumping on his back as he attempted to pick up his staff to return it to the shelf. They struggled until they were both rolling on the arena grounds laughing.
"Seleya, how many times have I told you that the sparring arena is not for women" said the familiar voice that they heard calling them earlier. Looking up towards the entrance, they found their mum staring at them. She was obviously furious and Suluvu couldn't tell if she was angry with his sister alone or both of them. He hoped it was the former as he rushed to his feet to give her a proper greeting and a warm smile.
"Don't try to patronize me with your smile and your puppy dog eyes boy" she said in a much calmer voice, the smile and the eyes were obviously working.
"Come here and let me take a good look at the both you" she beckoned, waving hers hands. Seleya gathered what she thought was her last bit of strength as she stood up to join her bother who was already standing in front their mother.
They were so different and yet so similar. Brown skinned just like their parents Suluvu had a lighter skin tone that resembled that of a tree stem whose bark had been peeled off. Just like the Udata his dark hair was cropped short, his face was almost round except for his pronounced cheekbones and jawline which gave him a coy and mischievous look when he smiled.
 The only distinct feature he took from his mother were her light brown eyes. They were warm and welcoming making him more of a tribe favorite than he already was. He stood 6 feet and 2 inches tall which was very rare for a boy his age. The tribe shamans say that the Udata blood was exceptional strong in him explaining his rock hard muscles and abs. At sixteen although his body already looked like that of the best warriors of the tribe, he still had the face of a boy.
Suleya was a lot smaller standing 5 feet and 2 inches tall. She had a dark ebony skin that resembled the finest clay from the red earth. Long braided dark hair, an oval shaped face with a tiny nose. She looked very fit which could be attributed to her constant urge to compete with her brother who was obviously a giant in comparison. This didn't diminish her feminine features in anyway, she had a firm developing breasts, a flat tummy and hips that were slowly taking shape. She looked like her mother which meant she was easily the most beautiful girl in the tribe. One undeniable difference between her and her mother was in her eyes. Her eyes were dark just liked her father's and they carried such intensity that it seemed like she could see into another's soul.
Their mother, the UDITUN of the tribe always thought this was the reason why she was so stubborn and unruly, deciding to do whatever she wanted and participated in activities that were not 'womanly'. Seleya always reminded her of her husband when they were in their youth and this secretly troubled her because she knew the Udata was not an easy man to subdue.
"I've told you too many times girl, this isn't the place for your kind and a woman should learn her place" the Uditun pleaded dusting the dirt off her daughter's clothes as she spoke.
Seleya shrugged, and gave her mother a sarcastic smile.
"I'm serious Seleya" she said, this time with more urgency in his voice "You're sixteen and you should have learnt our ways by now, after your awakening I cannot continue to make excuses for you when I'm with the elders."
"I tell her every time" Suluvu added.
"Don't you even try to exempt yourself young man” she scoffed. “You encourage her with all these practice sessions you have"
"That's because she never lets me breathe until we spar and you know stubborn she is" he complained.
"Both of you should just get out of here and get ready for tonight" she ordered.
"Yes mother!" they barked as they strutted out the sparring arena.
"She even walks like her father" she thought to herself watching them dash out. It was a very special day for her family and the entire Ooranyanwu tribe but as excited as she was, she couldn't shake the feeling that something was about to go terribly wrong.

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