Friday, January 1, 2016

Piercing Edge {The Writing Sessions:Zero}

She picked up her quiver, hung her bow over shoulder and headed to the practice arena. It was raining outside, she knew this was gonna affect her aim. Stepping onto the wet grounds, she was welcomed by the blade warriors who while taking their morning jog around the arena splashed mud all over her combat boots and clothes. "Great, just great"she muttered to herself, It was already turning out to be a bad day. Making her way to the archery range she reminded herself of just how much hated the blade warriors and their way of life.
She had heard of a time where things were different but apparently that was a long time ago. The way the world worked now, the priority was winning the war and in this war, there were four kinds of soldiers. The Alpha Team aka the blade warriors. They were not called the blade warriors because they used blade weapons, afterall almost everyone did. They were given this title because they specialized in short range combat. This was why she hated them so much. She knew she couldn't blame them, it wasn't their fault that they lived in a world where bravery was measured and quantified by how close you fight. Essentially this wasn't their fault, but they were such cocky bastards and it drove her crazy. The other kinds of soldiers were the Beta Team, the Delta Team and the Omega Team. The Beta Team were the mid range fighters and they came second in the hierarchy of power, last and definitely least was the Delta Team which was where she belonged. Nobody knew anything about the Omega Team and there was no known evidence of their existence except that they were written on the list of teams.
The Alpha Team was made up of mostly Swordsmen and a handful of Axemen, a few Knife-men were here but they were very rare. You had to be pretty good with a knife or a dagger to be accepted here and most importantly you must never, ever, ever throw your weapon. Countless Axe, Knife and dagger users have been relegated to the Beta or even Delta team because they threw their weapons. It didn't even matter if they made the kill or completed their mission, the Council of Blades {the bastards who decided everyone's fate} would always ask, "Would you have thrown it if it was a sword?" and with that obviously rhetorical question a debate is held as to whether they get Beta or Delta. The Beta Team had a few Javelin and Spear users {who basically made up for their lack of throwing power with savage tendencies} with an healthy number of Axe, Knife and Dagger users (mostly Alpha rejects), in her opinion the Beta Team lacked the most "grace" and they constantly were trying to find their place in the world. At least she knew where she belonged, in Delta they had Archers, more Javelin and Spear users {the ones who can actually throw}, Catapult users, Dart users and Stone throwers.
It seemed like forever but she finally made it to the archery range. Team Delta had the smallest and the least equipped section of the arena. Actually they had the smallest and least 'everything' in the camp. The Council of Blades didn't think it was "necessary" to spend "valuable resources" on such an "insignificant" unit. "Why am i so useless with a sword?" she mused as she started to sink into another wave of depressing thoughts.
"Karen!!! You're late again, give me 50 push-ups and 50 consecutive bulls eye shots you know the drill." Brought back to reality by the voice of her Unit Commander Franco Sebastian, she prepared her arrows making the split second decision to start with the bulls eye shots. "Yup, definitely a bad day" she thought as she took aim and made her first shot.


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