Friday, January 8, 2016

When the words fail...

He wants to cut himself open
But he's bleeding already
She can't see it though
At least he doesn't think she can
Why does this cause him so much pain?
It's almost numbing and he has no control over it
He only sees it coming
And for a split second he prepares himself for the wave
But the wave feels different every time
Just when he thinks he's figured it out
Telling himself he knows how its gonna come
It hits and he spirals again
He's tried to explain it in words
It didn't work
He's tried silence
It still didn't work
Tried being subtle
It still didn't work
But how can he even make her see
When he can't explain to himself why this was killing him so
He's told himself he probably needs to sort it out
The best way he can
Figure it out and probably it would make more sense
Or at least he'd be able to tell her exactly how and why it was this way
The words have failed him though
He hasn't been able to get through
Not even to himself
So he's left with cutting himself open
Maybe, just maybe if she can watch him bleed
She'd finally see

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